the Lease Option Sandwich

The lease option sandwich is similar to purchasing a rent-to-own property. However, with this strategy, you are the middleman instead of the buyer. This is an ideal strategy if you do not mind handling paperwork and are not interested in purchasing a property you will have to live in for at least a year.

Follow these steps to use the lease option sandwich strategy:

  1. Look for a seller offering a rent-to-own property with the usual lease and option transactions.
  2. Secure the option and the lease from the seller.
  3. Look for a tenant who wants a rent-to-own property.
  4. Charge the tenant a little more than what you have to pay the seller every month.
  5. Collect the total balance on the property when the tenant is ready to buy, usually a few years after they moved in.

The lease option sandwich is ideal if you want a low risk strategy and are just getting started. Finding the right seller and tenant can take time, but this is one of the best ways to get started in real estate with no money down.


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